Why Android & Enterprise?

by Peter_vdL Motorola on 01-03-2012 11:13 AM

Up until recently the focus of smartphone apps was clearly on consumers and consumer amusement.  The greatest mobile app success the world has seen (so far) is Rovio Mobile's "Angry Birds".  There are good reasons for the historic focus on consumers -  proliferation of part time developers, low cost of software acquisition, reduced complexity app area, and so on. But that consumer focus is fast changing.  The hottest new area for android apps is emerging as enterprise software - software intended to be bought and used by businesses.

Like other technology trump cards, the trend to native mobile apps is disruptive. The decade-long eminence of web server apps is being shaken and challenged.   What are the factors compelling this change? Certainly, Moore's law is part of it.  Smartphones today use multi-core CPU's, dedicated GPUs and 4G network connections. Today's state of the art smartphone, the Motorola Photon, is easily more powerful than a laptop PC from a few years ago. People are accustomed to using their mobile devices for entertainment, shopping, listening and viewing.  It's a natural progression to apps that support a working context.  The trend to Cloud-based data is part of the reason for mobile enterprise, too.   The Cloud freed our data from servers locked behind corporate firewalls; smartphones provide secure access to the Cloud from wherever we are and wherever we go.

And with change comes opportunity.   What should savvy developers do to capitalize on mobile enterprise software?  Look around.  Back in June, Information Week reported the Android installed base is growing at 4% week on week.
Well over half a million new Android devices are activated every single day.  It’s virtually certain there will be more than 1 million daily activations by the start of 2012.  Enterprises value multi-vendor solutions as the better procurement choice.

IT Developers can take these steps to engage with Mobile enterprise software.  First, if you're not already there, move to Android, the industry-wide multi-vendor open platform of choice.  Next, identify good sources of early intelligence and mobile enterprise information. The final step is up to you - identify those winning enterprise ideas, and turn your software vision into mobile reality.
Peter van der Linden 
Android Technology Evangelist 

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